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Hello! I’m Leslie, owner and maker at Lydia’s Vintage. I sell my handmade jewelry designs and vintage wares online as well as at festivals, fairs and conventions. I started my business back in 2010 selling vintage jewelry online and then transitioned to my own handmade pieces, using my love for antiques and vintage style as inspiration.

My artistic journey began in childhood, drawing, painting, and crafting; I treasured my art classes in school. By high school, I was learning photography (film and darkroom back then!), painting, drawing, and exploring different jewelry making techniques like lampwork- glass bead making, beading, and woven designs. Once in college, I started metalsmithing, but ended up becoming more serious about photography, so I focused my classes exclusively on what I felt I would need to be a well rounded working photographer. More recently, I delved into the world of lapidary arts (rock grinding) learning to identify, cut, and polish stones into my own cabochons.

My jewelry style has evolved over the years but I’ve always kept a vintage feel - lockets, cameos, antiques finishes, along with an ever-changing array of earrings, rings, necklaces, and brooches. I have found that what brings me joy in my jewelry making career, is creating an abundance of unique and affordable pieces, and interacting with my customers. 

I create my Jewelry in my home studio in Michigan, overlooking my backyard, gardening projects, nature, and my flock of chicken roaming around. I love my work, and look forward to continuing to create and sell my jewelry both online and in person.

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